te toki reserve

te-toki-reserve_0001 te-toki-reserve_0002 te-toki-reserve_0008 te-toki-reserve_0003 te-toki-reserve_0009 te-toki-reserve_0004 te-toki-reserve_0005 te-toki-reserve_0006 te-toki-reserve_0007 te-toki-reserve_0010

it’s not looking good for my 5dmkii…. it’s currently in camera hospital and the technician isn’t sure he can fix it.

i have an event on the island tomorrow that i am doing some photography for, and one of Nic’s workmates has kindly loaned me his 550d body. i went for a wander through the park near our place this morning, wanting to make sure i know where all the buttons are (without having to stop and look) before i need to use it tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “te toki reserve

  • I am so sorry about your camera, what awful news. These photos are wonderful! How lucky you are to have such a generous loan.

    • yes, very fortunate to have someone kind enough to loan me a camera.
      and yes, terrible news. what i do now is very undecided!
      happy weekend lovely

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