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the truth of today

the truth of today

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it was almost 10am before i finally changed out of my pyjamas. not because i hadn’t thought to do it before then, i just kept getting distracted by other things.

last nights dishes were still stacked up on the bench this morning, and they are still only half done now. i ran out of bench space, plus yep, distracted.

i’ve re-potted plants and moved them, despite them being perfectly okay where they were before.


the list of things to do today hasn’t moved much, even as the day marches on. i’ve got parcels to post, some business admin that needs doing, a new client to follow up with, and a load of laundry that would probably be dry by now if i’d hung it out sooner.

i’m still waiting for a quote from a plumber who came round over a month ago to price up a couple of jobs. that, apparently, is pretty standard on the island. months can go by before tradespeople come back with quotes. sometimes never. but this guy is so good that he’s worth chasing up and i don’t want to have to go through the process of finding another plumber.

i’ve been thinking about coffee for our christmas adventures. shall we take the aeropress? or some bean bags? or the pour-over bags gifted to us by a friend in tokyo? or should we just take chocolate coffee beans? or cold brew? i guess i’ve still got three weeks to figure it out. but, it’s coffee, people, coffee. this is important!

the first two issues of say yes to adventure magazine are giving me the glad eye from the arm of the sofa, but stopping to read them would be just another distraction, so i’m leaving them until the end of my work day. you know, as a reward for getting stuff done.

at least i’m dressed now,
and lunch is made,
ooooh! maybe it’s time for a swim…