10 [more] things

millenium bridget and st pauls, as taken from bankside. copyright leonie wise
st pauls & the millenium bridge, november 2010
canon 5d mkii, diana plastic lens

10 things i am grateful for today

  1. unexpected moments of pure joy that leave my whole body humming. i was so struck by one yesterday i had to stop what i was doing to experience it fully
  2. learning to say “no”
  3. tiny notebooks
  4. friends who email me with quotes that they love
  5. having ‘enough’ to be able to give someone their first break and remembering with gratitude who gave me mine
  6. a dinner date tonight with my beloved
  7. a warm, safe place to sleep
  8. learning to be ready. for whatever appears
  9. notes from the universe
  10. being loved

for Michelle GD’s gratitude week.

what are you grateful for today?

3 thoughts on “10 [more] things

  • lovely photo…the plastic lens works well for it.

    i am grateful for redhead intrigues, ocean breezes, peanut butter again (groceries!), a little girl who in spite of all her fussiness loves being read to, feeling able to choose moments of stillness, and the way my hopes and fears have been rearranging themselves.

  • oh, number 1 on your list…your whole body humming…love this.
    have a wonderful dinner date :)

    {feeling much gratitude for your participation in this week’s endeavor. xo}

  • Gorgeous photo! And what a great list of things to be grateful for today. Hope you had a lovely dinner date!

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