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10 things

autumn tree at cambridge, england. copyright leonie wise
autumn tree at cambridge, england. copyright leonie wise
autumn tree, cambridge, uk
canon 5d mkii, 50mm f/1.4

years ago, when i was in a rather large emotional hole, i pulled out all the tools i’d learned in my life so far, in an attempt to get myself out of bed every morning. one of those things was a simple piece of lined paper, numbered from 1-10 with a title at the top “10 things i am grateful for today”. some days i couldn’t find 10 things, so i wrote one, 10 times down the page.

skip forward, about 10 years, to today. i still use this tool whenever my life seems out of control, overwhelming, unbearable. so i’m very happy and grateful to discover that Michelle GD is hosting a gratitude week this week. it is bringing me back to this practise. because i have so many things to be grateful for.

10 things i am grateful for today

  1. all the colours of autumn
  2. coffee brought to me in bed while i’m still drowsy from sleep
  3. the 25 minute walk to the tube in the morning with my beloved. time to chat, hold hands & just be together before/as our working day begins
  4. water
  5. a warm house
  6. boiled eggs
  7. merino wool
  8. cookery books
  9. a woman called Rene; one of the first of the wise ones to show me the way back to myself
  10. a trip to the countryside to look forward to

what are you grateful for today?