the exquisite ordinary • ten

Leonie WISE - Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

  1. go …
  2. lean into the day. and into the rain. hasten into the conference centre and lean into the words that meet your ears. lean into the workshop. 
  3. leave the workday filled and fizzling with neurons firing in surprising universes
  4. vegan tacos. totally a thing. an oral timpani of flavours bashing around in my mouth
  5. that clock ticking is way too loud for either of us to get any sleep. specially since our home is so quiet. give me moreporks over these mechanics of time any day
  6. sometimes i need to be blessed too
  7. my world view states its totally okay to eat peach & raspberry pie for breakfast …  specially if my mother made it
  8. my thoughts are tumbled and scattered today, like beads escaping a ragged thread
  9. there’s a cabinet in my parents house that belonged to my paternal grandmother. it has 24 glass-fronted drawers filled with buttons and patterns, fabrics and thread. i love the stories and possibilities it holds. 
  10. remember the wild places within you