the exquisite ordinary • eleven

  1. wake late to the rain on the roof of an unfamiliar room in a semi-familiar town
  2. residue and runoff
  3. its years since i have made sushi. and i had forgotten how fun it is to do it as a group activity. today with a brother and niece, and family piled around giving a running commentary
  4. two tiny horses, sodden and still. with shaggy hair and long eyelashes. one facing this way and one facing the other
  5. wet towels left hanging on the door and dishes left piled in the sink in favour of time spent with whanau
  6. limp cats and sleepy humans in afternoon langour
  7. a grey cardigan my thrift store find of the day
  8. coffee beans and cough mixture
  9. afternoon sunlight leaking in through open windows
  10. there are always more stories waiting to be told