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the exquisite ordinary • fourteen

the exquisite ordinary • fourteen
  1. i have been doing this commute for more than a year now. and, as much as i miss being on-island all of the time, it really doesn’t suck. at all.
  2. that chance encounter on the ferry – with a running buddy i haven’t seen for months, made the ferry ride pass by in an instant
  3. golden sunrise off the stern of the ferry is a great reminder for me to look up every now and again
  4. walking fast enough to hear my breath entering and leaving my lungs, feeling my temperature rise, and my heart beating is a reverent way to honour my body’s start to the working day
  5. laughter, so loud it disturbs the rest of the office. repeat, daily (and even more frequently) if necessary
  6. do not ask to be invited, ask to be heard (be sure you have something to say when you ask)
  7. a manifesto reminder: ask for what you need. growth over comfort. another way to challenge myself
  8. play with things that you are curious about
  9. this night is not for homework, or intellect. this night is for flicking the switch on all things cerebral in favour of recharging
  10. this is not how the story ends