the exquisite ordinary • thirteen

  1. today did not go how i thought it would … in some ways it was better, in others not-so-much
  2. it was a get-shit-done day
  3. and an impostor syndrome day
  4. and a staying-up-late day … when i really needed sleep, and really wanted to be out
  5. dichotomies of self-care
  6. trying to make sense of languages i have yet to master … all the while running through possible permutations of plausible acronyms
  7. the exoticism of island life through someone elses eyes
  8. red wine and roast duck with an ocean view for good measure
  9. i wish … (i don’t know what i wish) … something profound? bah, not today
  10. land and language both depart from me as i flee the city for rest