the exquisite ordinary • four


  1. make friends and learn things. everything is more enjoyable when you do this
  2. leave the property for only the second time in a week. drink your fill of the bright blue sky and doze in the passenger seat as the light warms you
  3. get up, wash yourself, wash the sheets, make the bed, get back in, burrow deep under the covers and block out the light
  4. thirst
  5. sometimes the distance between where i am now and where i want to be resembles an unnavigable chasm
  6. there will be days when nothing happens, where moving slowly is the best gift i can offer the world
  7. what can i do today, to fan the smouldering flames of my curious nature
  8. these are the things that persist :: the cat sleeping, my husband’s warm hands & loving care, the light moving through our small home
  9. begin. again. begin again
  10. even as i rest, one part of me remains defiantly restless