the exquisite ordinary • three


  1. seen on a clothing website this morning :: “you don’t have to be beautiful to be wildly attractive.”
    amen to that, diana vreeland
  2. that one-hour call with my also-suffering bestie was the highlight of my morning. #truestory
  3. rest. rest. rest. i am not good at this. and not being gracious about the opportunity i have been given today
  4. this turn of the sun feels very one-dimensional. i crave a clear mind and sure breath
  5. standing outside in the wind for a few moments gives me a sense of freedom and the feeling i’m craving
  6. everything reduced to this :: the folded laundry waiting to be put away, the kettle whistling on the stove, another armload of wood for the fire
  7. today let it also be this :: sink into the rest instead of abandoning it
  8. one simple piece of patterned cotton fabric can be a source of amusement if i allow it
  9. some part of my life is always being mended whilst another part is being damaged. and so it goes
  10. today was bigger, and smaller, than any of this can carry

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