the exquisite ordinary • eight


  1. a slow climb back to the surface
  2. i love how we can tip the cat’s biscuits from bowl to box, and back again, and suddenly (!) they are fresh
  3. my body is brimming with sleep, but the words aren’t done yet, so i rally
  4. when there is someone in the workplace, there for you, who can fill in the gaps, make sure you make the most of their calendar gaps to fill in your knowledge
  5. is this really what you want your days to be? (think carefully before you answer)
  6. cuddle time is 100% necessary
  7. shimmer
  8. if my life was a poem, would anyone read it but me? and would it matter?
  9. what if, all i did today was make it the best i can “as my gift to the universe”?
  10. i work with some incredibly clever people. i need to remember to tell them that … often.

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