the exquisite ordinary • seven

railroad espresso, london

  1. Time is scarce, and incredibly valuable. We need more reminders of that.
  2. There’s a lot of neglected happiness and delight hiding in the exquisite ordinary and the little things. Remember to look.
  3. Bones. Tired. One foot in front of the other. 
  4. What do I have that is worth sharing? Why is it easier for others to identify this in me than it is for me to name it. 
  5. In my reality, humility trumps ego. Maybe that is why. 
  6. That cider was not what I am thirsty for. 
  7. Don’t waste this chance you’ve been given. 
  8. Remember to be curious about the things that upset you as much as all the feelings that are delightful. They are often a better teacher anyhow. 
  9. Sitting on the ferry with a book and my beloved is one of my favourite parts of my commuting life. 
  10. Some day none of this will matter.