the me of now

brixton market, 2013. polaroid spectra


a survey of present interests, curiosities, recurring themes…

  1. the spa warms up every evening, but by the time its warm enough to climb into, the only thing i want is to climb into bed. weekend mornings its also warm… a good place for morning coffee, beneath the tall green canopy and the kaka squawking like prehistoric creatures in the skies above us.
  2. i often get nostalgic for london and the life we had there. the canals, the markets, our friends, the life of millions of people humming all around us day and night.
  3. reconnecting with an overseas friend – a can i write to you? invitation accepted. bringing the count to two… a tangible way to close the gap that geographical distance divides us by.
  4. i found two bangles in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago. they cost me $1.50. they’re big and loud and wearing them makes me happy.
  5. sunday afternoon… the fire warming our small living space… me & the mister reading on the sofa with a contented purr coming from milo, curled up on a lap

(inspired by the newly published moon lists workbook)

4 thoughts on “the me of now

  • I got your address from Kristen. Can I write to you? I miss you.

  • I have the workbook and I’m so in love with capturing the world and its treasures. I love it, along with my moon calendar, I have these two books constantly on my desk and my own journal sits woefully neglected. oxo

    • oh, that makes me happy knowing you have it too! i love everything leigh patterson does #fangirl

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