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the museum of unrealised projects

river and footpath in fog. copyright leonie wise
river and footpath in fog. copyright leonie wise
fog along the river, alresford
polaroid sx-70, polaroid 779 film

Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.
― Rumi


i was talking to a friend the other day about all the projects i have lying around the house that i have started and never finished.

i told her that whilst we in berlin, we’d come across the museum of unrealised projects and then jokingly told her that i had one of my own… in my house.

the flat we rent is on the market. that means sometime in the near future we will have to move again. this is both good and inconvenient. good because it’s another opportunity to clear out some clutter. and a chance to either finish all those unrealised projects, or just let them go. i am done with them taking up space in our home and energy in my consciousness.

so, the remainder of the year is dedicated to one final project: the finishing project

no new projects,
no new commitments,
no pressure to finish the things that aren’t done…
but if i don’t finish them, i have to get rid of them.

have you got stuff lying around unfinished, or is it just me?

if you do (or did) – are they things you will finish (did finish), or let go?


ongoing projects that i will continue with include weekends collected (now accepting future submissions) and the 52 photos project, where i share this week’s prompt