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polaroid photograph of a table surrounded by chairs and covered with leaves. copyright leonie wise
petersham nurseries, 21-nov-2012
polaroid sx-70, impossible px cool film

nothing she did
or said

was quite
what she meant

but still her life
could be called a monument

shaped in a slant
of available light

and set to the movement
of possible music

— Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries


– soft, pale sunlight – red wine – meetings – winter greens – polaroids – petersham cafe – kew gardens – autumn’s orange – quiet – meditations – bikram – reading – lemon & ginger tea – espresso in bed – umbrellas – house plants – work celebrations – wool socks – stripy merino – taonga – fresh flowers – candlelight – walks – food – warmth – love – time passing –

all these things… these moments of life have their own beauty… every piece transitory… they are not the same as they were yesterday.

i am not the same