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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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weekend at fforestcamp_0001 weekend at fforestcamp_0008 weekend at fforestcamp_0002 weekend at fforestcamp_0004 weekend at fforestcamp_0005 weekend at fforestcamp_0006 weekend at fforestcamp_0007 weekend at fforestcamp_0009 weekend at fforestcamp_0011 weekend at fforestcamp_0003 weekend at fforestcamp_0012 weekend at fforestcamp_0013 weekend at fforestcamp_0010


the dome behind the pond
chatting with fforestchief James and the ever-inspring Sian
welsh cawl (lamb stew) with fresh bread and a generous slab of tangy welsh cheddar
the wind in the trees
the quiet hum of a solar fan
the skritch, skritch, skritch of birds walking on our canvas roof
laundry drying by the fire
eggs and coffee for breakfast
lazy mornings reading in bed
champagne in enamelware
cherries from a roadside stall bursting with the taste of summer
making flax flowers
the colony 13 exhibition
lunch at the 25 mile, chicken sunday at the fforest pizza tipi, the kitchen garden
dinner at the fforest pizza tipi with live music (including lovely welsh band climbing trees)
an encounter with a fellow do’er that reminded me again why i am making changes in my life
sunshine days, cold at night
a feeling of right-ness
talking about our dreams and plans
and how we have been influenced and inspired by others, who were also influenced and inspired by others
a woodpecker as our neighbour
spider webs in morning dew
finding a ‘3 imperial quarts’ vintage butter churn for a tenner
sandy feet and salty hair
super-tart and ultra-lemony lemon posset

[weekending with amanda] – how was yours?