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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

cockle bay. iPhone 5s

+ a date night in three parts, starting with karaage at renkon, then soft shell crab (& some fun games of table tennis) at miss pings, finishing with goat sliders, prawn tacos and puppy dogs (mini chicken sausage hot dogs) at the food truck garage.

+ a delicious saturday morning swim at cockle bay

+ making brandy snaps

+ and doing some sewing/mending

+ bbq dinner with friends saturday night

+ sunday morning breakfast at the french market in parnell

+ sofa shopping for our new home

+ a sunday bike ride with an abrupt (and rather spectacular ending) just as we were almost home. one skinned knee, two skinned elbows

+ a visit from friends, and a walk down to the corner for some supper

+ helix

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