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the weekend that was

the weekend that was


+ watching a film about sally mann – what remains, then a cheesy action movie at home friday night

+ eating the most amazing salad made with cauliflower, strawberry, salmon. thanks mr wilkinson

+ reading up on curing my own bacon and doing some research on where to buy sausage casings so i can make my own sausages

+ saturday morning spent scraping and sanding – a restoration project down in the garage whilst the mister spends most of the morning on the phone with hp trying to get our printer working

+ pétanque in the afternoon with the parents-in-law

+ quiet saturday evening; another great salad, another movie

+ a trip to the hardware store for undercoat and paint; then a first coat whilst listening to a podcast on salt from stuff you should know, the mister upstairs cutting code

+ late lunch at bedford soda & liquor, then a drive around some parts of the north shore we’d not seen before

+ early dinner with family at my nieces new workplace

+ an episode of house of cards

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