the weekend that was

+ full. and exciting. and exhausting.

+ one that started early on friday with a visit to our new home by a sister and brother-in-law visiting from australia

+ a swim at palm beach with my sister

+ lunch at mudbrick vineyard for my brother-in-laws birthday

+ placing an order for locally made hot cross buns to collect pre-easter weekend

+ buying sola rosa tickets for easter weekends’s jazz festival

+ platter-style supper accompanied by local wine

+ locally made vanilla and salted caramel gelatos from the island gelato company

+ visiting the waiheke island roosters, then

+ goldie vineyard (our closest winery) for a glass of 2013 Syrah (their best vintage yet) bottled just over a week ago. we sat under an ancient pōhutukawa overlooking the bay enjoying the wine and the scenery

+ handsome sandwiches on fresh, locally made ciabatta

+ alfresco wine and cheese with a friend

+ followed by fish tacos, made with locally caught snapper from a shop on the island, topped with home-made avocado mousse & pineapple salsa

+ french toast with bacon & maple syrup as our sunday breakfast treat

+ more clearing, unpacking, sorting, tidying

+ cleaning the caravan in readiness for friends visiting next weekend

+ laundry

+ and vacuaming

+ wine and a platter for two at the man o’war vineyard in the bay of the same name

+ soft nougat filled with pistachio & turkish delight, found at a roadside stall on the way home from lunch

+ dreams and schemes

+ staring out into the trees and watching/listening to the local bird life

+ our first full weekend in our new home. me and my man agreeing that it doesn’t suck here. at all

[weekending with amanda]

6 thoughts on “the weekend that was

  • I’m so glad Nic posted links to last weekend on FB, so I could find this post. And see your stunning photos. Feels like I’m catching up with an old friend. Wait, I am!! Hugs and arohanui. :) xow

    • yes, you are catching up with an old friend. would love to see you again soon

      hugs and love right back at you

  • Your cup runneth over … :-) This was beautiful to wake up to this morning.

    • it truly does and i am grateful for it all. can’t wait for you to visit!

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