the weekend that was

the shape of us expanded and contracted as colleagues & friends moved in and out of our orbit + beach walks in sunshine & rain + lying awake witnessing the sky light up + rolling thunder around, and through, the downpour + bacteria farming: another batch of kombucha made from a new (to me) kind of tea leaves + vege burgers + firelight + cruisy days and quiet nights



weekend reading // before the internet + the other einstein + acorn

watching // milo sleeping (life goals: relax like that cat does) + the light move through our home + rain, rain, rain

learning // character recognition, like すし and ねこ(holy moly, Japanese is hard)

2 thoughts on “the weekend that was

  • I love the tones of this weeks collection.
    I struggle every week learning Spanish, I can’t imagine how it would be to learn Japanese.

    • It feels like an impossibility right now. I doubt I will ever get anywhere near conversational, but some character recognition for next time I am in JP would be useful I think!
      I would love to learn Spanish too, good on you for doing it. Cheering you on from here x

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