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the exquisite ordinary • one



  1. i remember that place and how delightful our weekend away was. how we reclined and relaxed, ate and explored, revelling in our rural retreat…
    … except for the horror of linen-hire polycotton sheets. 9.5/10 would visit again (& take my own linen)
  2. craving vegetable broth and armloads of greens. current status: pyjama-clad, car-and-greens-less
  3. psithurism brings all of me to a place of peace, even when my thinking mind is in turmoil
  4. reminder: get out of my head where ego fights humility and into my breath where truth waits to meet me
  5. for the third day in a row, milo stays in bed with me – quiet companionship with furry paws
  6. i’ve slept and slept and will return ravenous for more than my eight hours tonight. healing amplifies my hunger
  7. it’s not yet 5pm – the light is fading and the sky is heavy with rain
  8. our water tanks are running over. dry or deluge with no in between seems to be the way it goes
  9. it would be funny if it wasn’t such a train wreck
  10. there’s a $1600 difference between the start of today and the end. we knew it was coming, but it’s still a shock


Totally inspired by these lists from Alisha Sommer :: one + two + three + four + five + six + seven + eight + nine + ten
… who wrote her lists inspired by (and adapted from) the title of poetry collection by Marie Howe, “The Kingdom of Ordinary Time”.