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the weekend that was

the weekend that was

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friday night

+ the 10th anniversary of the flamenco festival in london is on and we go to see eva yerbabuena perform. she manipulates time; her ninety minutes on stage appearing both longer, and shorter, than it’s physical duration. she is fluid art on a moving canvas. i sit for a while wondering how on earth i could transmit to you how it felt to watch her. i give up and just enjoy watching / listening to the music


+ home-made construction of a breakfast we used to get at a cafe in new zealand every friday morning
+ a trek across to yeradessa in north london for an impossible workshop with cyrus mahboubian, whose love for polaroid is contagious. we go for a walk in a nearby cemetery, make some photographs, then find ourselves locked in! we are the source of amusement for many passersby until we are let out. what kind of park closes at 4pm?! that one, clearly…
+ shochu & sake and a highly delicious tasting menu with my beloved is the perfect ending to a lovely day


+ bacon
+ a return trek across to north london for another impossible workshop – this one with rhiannon adam. she patiently talks us through emulsion lifts, gives us some of hers to practise with, then takes us out to make our own images to play with.
+ there is another workshop going on in the space towards the end of the day, so our final emulsions are done whilst being serenaded from the other room by classical musicians – the alchemy of shared space bringing surprising joy
+ shopping for more impossible film
+ a frantic scramble to get all the laundry done before i run out of things to wear

weekending with Amanda