the weekend that was


+ pimms by the river halfway home by bike on friday night + ‘eating the pantry’ – making the bara brith recipe from  a cook’s year in a welsh farmhouse cookery book on saturday morning used up all the dried fruit & self-raising flour + pancakes with banana & maple syrup for breakfast + a hen party saturday afternoon/evening, that began with a burlesque class (way more fun than i imagined it would be) + sunday morning lie in + a trip to the charity shop to drop off a donation + my jeans count currently being 1, i embarked on a futile hunt for a pair of pre-loved jeans whilst i’m waiting for my pair from hiut denim to arrive + then to the farmers market + and the library + trying a recipe from the intolerant gourmet cookery book that was in my library haul, i think i have found the perfect aubergine recipe + a simple salad of shaved fennel & thinly sliced radishes wins my heart + the mr. making bbq chicken wings so spicy i had tears rolling down my face as i ate + the hangover pt. ii + spaces in-between where there was rest

[weekending with amanda]

2 thoughts on “the weekend that was

  • a full weekend. first, the hangover movies are a guilty pleasure. stupidly funny but sometimes that is needed. second, jealous of the pimms. and a burlesque class…sounds like it would have been a blast.

    • I had tried Pimms only once in NZ before moving to the UK (at a birthday party of some British friends). It’s now part of our summer drink schedule and something I hope to continue wherever I can find Pimms :)

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