three things {for only you}

for only you

  1. Maybe you achieved something less tangible, and that is just as valid of an achievement, whether you broadcast it or not. … Make your own definition of success, and leave that to only you.
    ‘How I learned to stop companring myself to others, and love my own ideas’ by Meredith Fineman for Fast Company

  2. I end up in Crazytown every time I see something posted via a Social Media channel and think “oh, I do that {insert thing here} too… maybe I should be sharing it as well”. Even though whatever that thing is, some ancient & wise part of me had already concluded that {insert thing here} was something that I didn’t really need to share with anyone as it’s a part of my daily practise that is sacred and it doesn’t matter if no-one but me knows I do it.
  3. Visit I can read on tumblr for a whole list of beautiful quotes and sayings. Something might speak to you to remind you of the preciousness of YOUR amazing life (it worked for me).

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