three things {to change the world around you}

change the world around you

  1. what is your slavery footprint? I choose fair trade, buy organic and ethically made clothing where possible, get our veges via an organic box scheme, repurpose things instead of buying new things, chose my handbag based on the company’s ethics…
    …yet the slave count at the end of my answering their questionnaire was disturbing, even if I don’t understand how it’s calculated. now I am more aware, I can change my future choices
  2. want to help change the world one small things at a time? yep, me too. thats why i support sevenly and falling whistles and love the concept that became this because
  3. “Every time I pull out my wallet and pay for something I am making a choice about the world I want to live in.”
    – Danny Almagor, in Dumbo Feather, Issue 35