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postcards from brixton market

postcards from brixton market

there’s nothing i love more than catching up with friends, swapping stories, having some laughs and wandering around. even better when there’s cameras involved.

this past wednesday, i got to hang out with the lovely susannah. we met at brixton and wandered the brixton market, which has seen something of a revival in the past few years. it’s the perfect place to have some great food and do some people watching. it’s also heaven for polaroid photography – full of vibrant colours and interesting details.


market lane. polaroid sx-70, impossible px70 film


coveting this vintage cutlery collection. polaroid sx-70, impossible px70 film


visually transporting me back to marrakech. polaroid sx-70, impossible px70 film


vintage clothes never looked prettier. polaroid spectra, impossible pz680 film