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i am a white cloud, hanging on the line

i am a white cloud, hanging on the line

jo, emma, me, meg, pen. photo by susannah

i still remember how it was when we first arrived in london… i felt overwhelmed, terribly alone and like i knew nothing about the world or where my place was in it.

back then, the likelihood of finding any really amazing people in such a populated land as the uk seemed impossible.

it was through this blog that i’ve formed some amazing friendships with people i’d probably never have met had i not ever turned up here.

today, i got to again hang out with five amazing women i have met through being online. they are all gorgeous and, though this was only the second time we’ve actually hung out together, for me it was like being amongst friends i’d known forever. i wish i had the words to explain to you all what their friendship means to me.

every single one of them is a treasure. a gift. a rare and precious jewel.

meg, penny, jo, susannah, emma – you all make my life a better & brighter place, simply by being in it.

i am a white cloud, hanging on the line
summer breeze brushing
eyelids, fingertips… a
wellspring of laughter
escaping through ruby lips;
playful adventures
with friends of mine,
today i am a white cloud
hanging on the line.