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i had the most fabulous day last sunday hanging out with five other delightful women i am blessed to call friends.
they all
inspire me,
provoke me,
make me consider what is really important,
keep me real,
motivate me to live my most authentic life…

besides the fact that we needed to hang out together, because it had been far too long since the last time we met, we had a purpose.
susannah had ordered us the unfolding your life vision kits – which thankfully arrived just in time…

we started out with most amazing lunch to nourish our bodies, then of course had to play outside with the cameras.
i love it that we all get each other in this respect…
creative, laughing photographers, capturing precious, shared moments.


then, we settled in to assemble our folding vision boards and listen to the guided visualisation that came with the kits. jennifer lee talked us through areas/facets of our life, inviting us to notice anything that came up.

then the magazines came out… there were toast catalogues, psychology magazines and everything in between. we shared some of what had come up for us and what we were looking for.

the first vision board i completed was about nine years ago. on it, i remember sticking things i thought i really wanted. one of them was a BIG diamond ring. i now have one of those and i realise it wasn’t something i truly wanted. at the time of my first vision board creation, given the people i was hanging out with, it seemed like i did. now i notice that it was something i thought would make me feel like i’d made it… like i was successful.

since then, my definition of success has drastically altered!

another vision board i have since created was during one of christine kane’s retreats. this one was in a medium format and is in the form of an exercise book. the pictures in this book feel more like the vision i have of living life as my most authentic self. it even features in christine’s ebook The Complete Guide to Vision Boards.

the unfolding your life vision board created on sunday, is smaller than i’m used to and it’s been both a challenge and an opportunity.
challenging because i have only tiny spaces in which to work.
opportunistic because i have had to get some clarity around what it is i am asking for.

i especially love hanging out with other people, doing these in a group…
sharing what i’ve learned (and am continuing to learn) about myself…
listening to others, hearing their stories, sharing their visions, encouraging their dreams.

there are tons of resources out there on the internet about how to create vision boards. there’s certainly no right or wrong way to go about it that i know of.
trust yourself and listen to your heart.