i am the wood fire burning beneath your outdoor bath
i am the dawn chorus
i am a cup of sugar borrowed from a neighbour
i am your mother’s favourite recipe
i am light filtering through the trees
i am the angel of death
i am the broken wing of an owl
i am black candles, lit for casting spells
i am the clock ticking loudly on your mantlepiece
i am a collection of shells from the beach
i am a stack of recycled paper
i am a stolen credit card used to purchase a brand new pair of shoes
i am a basket of freshly picked cherries
i am a lock that’s missing the key
i am prayer flags
i am a secret that’s dying to be told
i am the ribbon you wear in your hair
i am unknown, even to my friends
i am forgetfulness
i am the harley my grandparent’s used to ride
i am a pen-ink drawing of aphrodite
i am gum, stuck to the footpath
i am the tickets to a show you’ve always wanted to see
i am melted butter, dripping from corn-on-the-cob
i am a broken fanbelt
i am the art of non-conversation
i am all the colours of autumn
i am valuable

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