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there are mornings for saying yes.

yes to getting out of bed early –
even though it’s chilly out
and warm under the covers.

yes to filling a thermos with hot coffee,
putting a packet of ginger biscuits in my bag,
and stuffing my pockets with spare camera batteries and a head torch.

yes to climbing through the fence
to sit in one of my favourite places above mawhitipana bay,
witnessing the sunrise in all it’s golden glory.

yes to solitude and the quiet stories of the morning,
the magpies, the kingfishers, the tuis calling
and the waves breaking on the shore.

yes to lying in the wet grass
without caring about mud on my jeans,
or my bum getting wet.

yes to driving home via the supermarket.
for croissants that i load up with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce;
for making time for solitude.