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1 // in between digging old piles out from where a rusty old water tank used to be, i take a break and do fun stuff, like plant new ferns

2 // the neighbours have a macadamia nut tree and i’m constantly picking the nuts up off our lawn

3 // one of our other neighbours has three hens. i love hearing them chatting and scratching around in the leaf litter as i work. once i’ve done some more prep work, we’ll have some too

4 // little details in this garden never fail to amaze me

5 // i take a break in the middle of the day to have lunch and a gelato (energy for the afternoon is what i tell myself!)

6 // our whole section shows signs of the neglect of many years. i don’t see us as owners of this place, i see us as caretakers of it. so, whilst the gardening will be endless, i’m taking time to record some of our progress. this might not look like much to you, but there’s a whole load of work that’s been done to get us to here

7 // i’m tired and my body aches. but it’s the best kind of tired and the best kind of aching

8 // nic very kindly stops to buy me cider on his way home. it’s just what i needed