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nine small pleasures

nine small pleasures

Here Now Sign. By Leonie Wise

1 // embracing winter.

this season of darkness, where the evenings draw lines in my day like ink spreading across a blank page.

2 // going outside.

in winter it’s easy to talk myself out of going for a walk in the rain or to skip a run on a blustery day. but it’s something i’ve never regretted after doing it.

3 // staying inside.

curling up in bed with a newly borrowed library book

recently enjoyed: pachinko by min jin lee

currently enjoying: playing big by tara mohr and thicket by anna jackson

4 // re-learning.

years ago, in high school, i was in a bilingual class. half our lessons were in te reo maori (the maori language). it’s years since i have been so fluent, and the local university offers free evening classes to nz residents. so off we go.

5 // new learning.

my friends know how much of a foodie i am. but in the winter, when my work days are long and i come home exhausted. this has often led to a hastily made meal without a lot of love or joy spilling from it. so i’ve been on the hunt for some meals that are nourishing and fun and quick to make. this one pot pasta with kale and lemon from anna jones is currently on repeat. so easy and incredibly delicious. this flavour bomb greens and noodles recipe is also an easy and quick evening favourite, as is this plant protein salad from adventures in cooking.

6 // holiday planning.

the next best thing to actually having one.

i often sit in bed with a map and an idea for a roadtrip. give me half an hour or so and i will have a full itinerary planned, including accommodation, what flights we’ll be catching, what car rental costs are, and some loose ideas for what we’ll be doing when we get there.

7 // no plans.

a weekend of decadence with both of us making it up as we go along. with spaces for activity and silence, … and rest.

8 // jomo.

experiencing the joy of missing out…. disconnecting, being here, now.

out in the world and going with the flow. often not easy. always absolutely worth it.

9 // a moonlit soak.

submitting to the moonlight, soaking in the spa, the hush of early evening punctuated by owls claiming their space.


Soon it will be summer.

We’ll dust off our bikes, bathe in the ocean under a hot sun, sleep with the doors flung wide open.

I’m ready.