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a recent inventory

a recent inventory

a sight // powell’s city of books! a book-lovers nirvana + the city of portland, as seen from the taqueria on the ninth floor of my hotel, spread out below me under a sky blanketed with clouds

a smell // vance family mt. hood forest candle

a sound // matt nathanson’s track: all we are + sirens in the distance

a touch // i came to portland yesterday morning wearing a pair of boots, supremely confident that i would find a new pair of birkenstocks that i could wear when out exploring the streets of pdx. not one single pair did i find, so my toes aren’t experiencing the freedom they’re accustomed to on weekends

a taste // oregon pinot noir + bibimbap with oyster mushrooms from kim jong smokehouse at the pine st. market + margaritas + chips, guacamole & a satisfyingly spicy salsa verde

(inspired by the moon lists workbook)


adding a couple more of my own

a pause for thought // zan romanoff’s article on taking and being in photos whilst on holiday

a reflection // i am emotional and tired and uncomfortable. for the past 12 months i have held space for a big work project. it has stretched me thin, self-doubt has been a familiar companion, and so has a growing excitement for what was coming. i am ready for a rest before heading back into the rapids that carry me through the days in my working life.