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a recent inventory

a recent inventory

a sight // fog on the harbour this morning, making it feel like we’re slowly gliding through mystery, a liminal space that quietly holds us between the seen and unseen worlds.

a smell // freshly baked bread. i found a gorgeous red dutch oven in a second hand store recently and used it as an excuse to revive my starter and bake some sourdough.

a sound // alors on danse – a favourite for lifting my mood and moving my body. currently on repeat.

a touch // our cat, Milo, curled up tightly behind my knees as i sleep.

a taste // the almond cashew butter still lingering on my tongue from breakfast an hour ago.

(prompts from the newly published moon lists workbook)
… i’ve written about the moon lists before and of course i ordered the book so i can play along.


adding a couple more of my own

a mood // a hunger for something to be different than it is. slipping into my mind like a betrayal of the moments i have right before me.

a discovery // the shipping container camera (via chookooloonks)