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30 ways to warm up winter

30 ways to warm up winter

2016 May 22 - The Weekend That Was. By Leonie Wise-4

Let someone dangerous in for tea. Make small signs that say “yes” and spread them all over your house. Become a friend of freedom and uncertainty…Take a lot of naps…Dream wild, imaginative dreams. Draw on walls. Read every day. Imagine you are enchanted. Giggle with children. Listen to old people…Be free. Praise yourself. Let go of fear. Play with everything. Preserve the child in you.
– Joseph Beuys

  1. visit the winter gardens
  2. plan a winter escape
  3. learn to mend. make something last a little longer instead of buying something new
  4. tell stories
  5. go to a play
  6. or read some poetry
  7. make a salad that reminds you of summer
  8. invite someone dangerous over for tea
  9. host a winter gathering
  10. make puddings and cocktails using wild ingredients; like nasturtium, fennel, gorse flowers and kawakawa
  11. make fiery flavoured truffles; like spicy smoked paprika, black pepper or chilli
  12. embrace the wild weather – wrap up warm and get out in it
  13. then come home to some mulled cider (i make a variation of this mulled cider recipe by nigella)
  14. have a picnic on the floor in the living room
  15. pimp up your bathwater with some conker bathing essence
  16. salute the sun (even if you can’t see it) with a wake-up-gently yoga routine
  17. befriend someone who owns a spa (hot tub). go hang out in it
    (be a great guest by taking them an appropriate thank-you gift)
  18. hot tea and warm socks
  19. bring nature inside: build an indoor garden
  20. find a peaceful pastime. practise it
  21. now is the perfect time to binge-watch tv series
  22. or re-watch the 30 days of genius series on creative live
  23. or sign up for a class to learn something new
  24. pack a basket full of winter treats and gift it to someone who needs cheering up
    (this will warm you from the inside for days…)
  25. go for a mid-winter swim
  26. find, and perfect, a cinnamon bun recipe
    (i still dream about the buns from the nordic bakery in london and urge anyone visiting the city to go try one.
    warning: they’re massive, so find someone to share one with!)
  27. on a still clear night, grab some rugs and a thermos of something hot, go somewhere you can see the sky and stargaze. take a constellation map (or app) to help identify what you see
  28. send someone a postcard with your favourite soup recipe on it
  29. celebrate the winter solstice with a ceremony or blessing for this turn in nature’s divine cycle
  30. donate food/toys/clothing/blankets to a local charity or someone in need

how do you warm up in winter (or celebrate the season) where you are?

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