[more] postcards from iceland

i think i’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. needless to say, i am in love with this place. it kinda sucks that we won’t get to see the northern lights whilst we are here, but i will happily make another trip to here in order to see them. and the people are just as beautiful as the place.

13 thoughts on “[more] postcards from iceland

  • So beautiful! I want to go to Iceland! I had never considered it as a place to visit, but it is spectacular. You have enticed me to learn more….and like Gem said, I want to touch that pony’s head…I want to hug it actually!

    Happy New Year! It looks like 2010 is treating you well.

  • I have been browsing through your Iceland postcards and loving every one. Thank you so much for taking us all to Iceland with you! What a stunning country!

  • I really love the pony pictures, too! They look so incredibly soft and friendly. :) I must say that your images are stunning and crisp. Love them! :)

  • Stunning pictures – I’d never had much interest in going to Iceland ’til now. Now I really want to go.

  • Breathtakingly beautiful!

    And those horses…incredible!

    Thank you for these magnificent glimpses into such a mysterious place.

    Wishing you safe travels. :)

  • Lovely! Makes me want to put my mittens on just browsing all your Iceland pics. So glad you are loving the trip.

    I’m with Liz & Gem…I want to touch the pony…and brush his bangs! How cute that he came over to the fence to pose just for you!

  • oh my goodness these are gorgeous. thank you for sharing your travels…

    (and how i wish i could reach through and touch that pony’s head)

    happy 2010!

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