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postcards from the blue lagoon

postcards from the blue lagoon

dear friends,

we have spent half of this year so far in the beautiful healing geothermal seawaters of the blue lagoon. it’s rich in minerals, silica & algae, great for the skin & the perfect way to spend a day in below zero (celcius) temperatures.

it’s like a fancy version of a lot of the thermal pools in new zealand. there’s big fluffy bathrobes, lockers that are opened/closed with a wristband (which can also be used to purchase food & drink at the poolside cafe) and sumputous blue lagoon products in the showers.

there’s lots of sections in the pools, as well as a waterfall (great for massage), a cave, sauna and steam bath. they also have silica mud beside the pools, so everyone can enjoy a free skin-cleansing facial mudpack.

a local brew. quite good actually.

the moon looks really big when you’re this high up on the globe

hoping your year has also commenced with an amazing start and just keeps getting better and better.

with love,