the exquisite ordinary • two


  1. woke up with a throat on fire… this malaise is not done with me yet
  2. the symphony of my afternoon :: dishwasher and the tumble drier hum, accompanied by a crackling fire and a wracking cough
  3. we bought him fancy toys, but he prefers a piece of brown paper. i think he likes the sound of it
  4. the temperature differential between inside and out covers the windows in condensation
  5. cat … sofa … sleep. a restorative afternoon
  6. two tiny pots hanging on the wall. one black, one white. one succulent thriving, one barely alive
  7. there are 12 windows, one single door and one ranch slider in our living room. i have never bothered to count them before today
  8. moving to europe is not out of the question. not in the next few years though
  9. i miss my london/uk friends, and some of my london life, not enough to move back, but enough to stop me in my tracks with longing every now and then
  10. tango aqua and tango blueberry sound like colours that will suit our vintage industrial modern eclectic style