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the exquisite ordinary • twelve

the exquisite ordinary • twelve
  1. nothing conceptualises sunday afternoon bliss like a dog slumbering, belly facing the fire
  2. its almost the same as it was last time i visited 30 years ago, right down to the pews, and the hymn books, and the congregants (and the welcome)
  3. time for an afternoon cuppa with a treasured friend
  4. and margaritas with another later in the day
  5. i am so ready to be well again now, willing my body to rid itself of the virus that is doing the rounds this winter
  6. i pray for grace
  7. todays message :: love more and be thankful
  8. camp kitchens and bunkrooms still tug at my consciousness 15 years later
  9. as do the places where i grew up, wild & free
  10. nothing feels as comfortable as my own bed. small moment of gratitude for having a warm safe place to rest