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a list of current enthusiasms

Chalk board sign that says "No service thank you" hanging from a hook by a string

01 // small disciplines

daily swims + gin & tonic of an afternoon

02 // oblique meaning

i was reading about the concentrates of place created by tanya shadwick in ernest journal issue no. 11. described as “multi-sensory ways of celebrating our most vivid, most intimate ways of being”, these small mementoes intrigued me. not at all sentimental, or prone to keeping anything like that, i imagined what my own treasure seeking and concentrations would contain. that very same day i noticed, and gathered, one tiny sparrow feather and two tui feathers from beneath my feet.

03 // eccentric discernment

  1. matching coloured pegs on the washing line
  2. fried chicken
  3. Dr. Bronner tea tree soap
  4. twice buttered toast – once when hot, then again when cooled
  5. boozy iced coffee, with oat milk

04 // gustatory nostalgia

rochelle canteen + the teahouse at petersham nursery + a hearty bowl of warming soup served with a doorstop of bread, fresh butter and a wedge of tangy welsh cheddar + the pizzatipi in cardigan, wales + towpath cafe, regents canal, london + sunday lunch with friends at the crabtree, w6, london + story deli pizzas

05 // gustatory pleasures

heirloom tomato salad with burrata at akitō eatery + fried chicken, battered cabbage, kingfish sashimi at 372 + too fat buns + the restaurant at the sherwood, queenstown + the recently published the grater good book. i love cookery books but rarely find one that i want to make every recipe from. this one though… i will be cooking my way through the whole thing + chicken on the bbq, smashed potatoes, salad.